Enfocar Disco Oro Universo
Enfocar Disco Oro Universo
Disco Oro Universo
$ 19,990.00
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The Gold Disc Universe hides the secrets of the galaxy at the tip of your finger. If you need a reminder of how vast the galaxies are and yet how much power is at your hand to change the world, this is the piece for you. Its made from 14K gold and the highest quality Universe (Blue Aventurine) stone. The stone will come with a variant in the color. 

- Made in 14K yellow gold it can also be requested in 14K  rose  gold here
- The top plate comes in two different diameter sizes 5 to 7 is 15 mm, designed for women and sizes 8 and above is 17 mm, designed for men.
- Engraved by request

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